debate.JPGThe centuries Christian and Muslim Debate has been taken interesting ground for both groups of people. It has stimulated both people to share their personal views on Islam and Christian beliefs and some of there major objections.

For some Debate is waste of time and i believe same way if such debate is not with respect and humility and integrity. Since Christianity and Islam share much common background, and that each makes its own (often competing) truth-claims, there comes a point where debate is necessary and right.

Keeping this note in my mind i liked and enjoyed some of the YouTube Videos of well-known Christian and Muslim Apologetics like Ahmed Deedat,Pfander ,Josh McDowell,Zakir Naik and William.
The intention of my site Ministry of Grace Christian Debate is to provide a place where both interested group of people can enjoy watching and listening and carefully to learn about the beliefs of one another religion.

I am always ready to respond to anyone having more questions or looking for free materials.
God bless you.
Sabir Ali


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